Juicy Dripp’s Funky Backdrafts!

Juicy Dripp’s Booty sure is explosive!!! I swear I see where Smoking Redd gets it from as it must be in the ! Just as Redd inherited her mother’s plump ass and similar taste for tattoos, She also must have got the explosive bubbleguts from her too!! Enjoy a nice collection of public and private toilet clips from rearview angle as you can see Juicy Dripp explode right in your face!! A nice mix of farts, sharts and logs. Some loose runny scenes as well in this Big Booty medley from Mama Juicy Dripp!!

Juicy Dripp's Funky Backdrafts!

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Mistress Gaia – Masterpiece Of Shit And Piss

The biggest shit you’ve ever seen in your life! You’ll see it coming out of my ass, warm and fragrant, and it’s so much that I could cover your whole body of depraved. While I am here, do you know what I want to do? I piss over the shit: you will not believe your eyes! Feel lucky to be my private toilet! The vision of this masterpiece of piss and shit together is reserved for true connoisseurs, like you.

Mistress Gaia - Masterpiece Of Shit And Piss

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