Pee In A Cup Extreme Close Up

The video starts with Deria wearing blue jeans and very desperate to pee.  She talks about how bad she has to pee and she holds herself and crosses her legs, owing more desperation.  She then smiles and says that she doesn’t want to use the toilet but she wants to pee in her pants.   After some time of desperation and having more water,she has to pee your pants. Standing with the front of her jeans facing the camera, she pees her jeans.  She moans and sighs with relief when she pees and talks about how good it feels.  Ends showing her soles to the camera and says touch my feet.  

Pee In A Cup Extreme Close Up

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Training New Boyfriend To Eat Her Piss And Scat! – Full Movie

She has tons of other suitors, but she decided to choose this one guy. Why? Because he’s the only one willing to put up with her nasty shit, like eating her bodily fluids and waste. Now she trains him to do so, sitting on his face and feasting on what comes out from her. She pees into a bottle and makes him drink it. She shits on his face and scatters it all over his face. She makes him lick the remaining scat off her asshole.

Training New Boyfriend To Eat Her Piss And Scat! - Full Movie

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Milf Ellie – Sleepy Morning Poop

Milf Ellie just woke up very early in the morning and needs to take a huge poo really. While still sleepy she really loves to tease. She fingers her shithole before she take a long pee and drop a very huge load into the toilet, you can hear a loud splash. She then fingers her ass and show you her dirty finger covered with shit. She wipes her ass and show you the dirty toilet papers. At the end she tells that she looks forward for the next morning duty.(many more morning clips of this beautiful Britisch Milf coming very soon. Stay tuned!)

Milf Ellie - Sleepy Morning Poop

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Milf Ellie – Morning Training

She just woke up, Ellie trains to keep her shit under control. Some bit of yoga there while she takes off her pants. She pee into a glass and shows how full it can get. Some nasty ass fingering, dirty fingers. She pushes out a huge load onto the toilet and gives us a nice close up of her brown turd. She then fingers her ass to make her finger dirty again.tags: shitting, pissing, dirty ass fingering, shitty ass, dirty talk

Milf Ellie - Morning Training

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