Booty On The Run(S)!

Mz Booty is back!! Goodness gracious!! You talking about a 58 inch Ass on a 4’10” frame!! She is litterally all ass!! Enjoy three great new clips. Looks like she had some bad brisket. Enjoy three runny watery clips!! Plenty of ass and squirts!! Enjoy as she Spreads that Monster booty of hers nice and wide to show the poop bursting out! Mz Booty is one of the greatest asses on film and this is another great bakers dozen minutes of action!! That Booty was on the run indeed!!!

Booty On The Run(S)!

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Cori Barely Made It!

Enjoy Two explosive diarrhea clips from Big Butt Cori!! She could barely make it to the toilet in the first clip. Enjoy as she explodes almost immediately after taking a seat in the 1st clip….In the second scene enjoy as she shows off that sexy fat ass of hers before sitting down to take an even muddier, watery shit in the second scene. Two Great Bubblegut clips for you diarrhea lovers!!

Cori Barely Made It!

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Sparkle’s Ooh La La!

Sparkle is back!! This time she returns with another spectacular Baker’s dozen of peeing, ploppage, and DAT AZZ!!! Ooooh That Ass!!! I swear there is no treat which gets me more excited right now than watching her slide out of her jeans!!! That Body is nothing short of Amazing!!! Enjoy over 6 clips of great peeing action and a few nice logs mixed in!! You will be screaming “ooh la la la!!” from the moment she appears on the screen!!!

Sparkle's Ooh La La!

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Lil Stink’s Quick And Clean Return!

Another of my favorite, now rarely seen Booties is back in the mix this month!! Lil Stink just popped in with two quickies!! A nice treat for old fans and a reintroduction for those that missed out!! Enjoy these two upclose straight from the Browneye express quickies for one low low price!! Hopefully she will make even more (lord knows I’ve been pushing her) but it’s a nice treat from one of the ORIGINAL Funky Ladies and one of my all-time top sellers

Lil Stink's Quick And Clean Return!

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Billie’s Pre-Jog Dump!

Billie was on her way out for a little early exercise when she felt the urge to drop a few pounds the old fashioned way!! Enjoy the nice up close shot as her heavy logs crackle and snap out her asshole! Then enjoy as she wipes and cracks jokes at the expense of her heavy turds! Lots of pee as well!

Billie's Pre-Jog Dump!

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Lesbian Couple Smearing Feces On Each Other! – Part 3

Eventually, the ladies change roles, the one who earlier got pissed inside her mouth gets up and then urinates on her partner’s face! Now that both of them could no longer release anymore urine, one of the women proceeds to poop on the bed sheets! The other sweetheart then picks it all up and smears it all over their bodies! In the process, they repeatedly kiss and slobber on each other’s lips!

Lesbian Couple Smearing Feces On Each Other! - Part  3

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Goddess Andreea And Assistant – Face Sitting And Feeding

Mistress Andreea continue her toilet stories with her assistant and her slave. She just made another movie with them and you can see it right now. Is a 42 minute movie, recorded with 2 cameras, 2 angles, and also the asisistant take camera and record the action in a close up scene. You can see again 2 Gorgeous Ladies in pantyhose, foot fetish, feet sucking, humiliation, cbt, pissing and shit eating from Mistress Andreea.Soon the assistant will be the one who will feed the toilet when Goddess Andreea don’t have time for that !

Goddess Andreea And Assistant - Face Sitting And Feeding

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Two Dominatrix Intruders Urinate On Sleeping Man’S Face! – Full Movie

With no man to pleasure them, these two ladies decide to barge into the house of their male neighbor! After they got inside, they strip off their clothes and went to the bedroom where they find the owner sleeping! Without further ado, they take turns smothering him with their crotches! Immediately, he wakes up and tries to fight back, but being outnumbered, he is left succumbing to their domination! Eventually, one of the sweethearts starts urinating on his face! When she is finished, she gives the victim a brief handjob! The other lady then takes her turn to piss on his mouth! When she couldn’t release anymore, the two proceed to get on top of him and make him suffer under their weight! Shortly after, one of them pins him down either by sitting on his face or wrapping her leg around his neck while the other gives him an unwanted handjob! Only stopping when they manage to push him to reach orgasm!

Two Dominatrix Intruders Urinate On Sleeping Man’S Face! - Full Movie

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