Toilette Humiliation 66

The toilet of Bizarre Lady Jessica is clog up. She therefore calls for her hitting slave of Jonas. The cruel ruler orders him to clear up the blockage with her hand in the loo below. Jonas kneels down and puts his hand up to the goes down no longer deeply into the loo water up to the channel. The shitting remains of the shit of the divine empress still swim in the toilet above.

Toilette Humiliation  66

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Toilette Humiliation 92

Ultimate humiliation! Real!Latrinenknecht Joschi is in the disco toilet humiliated by the real ladiesHanna and Princess Diabolaa. The two young cruel sadists make their slaves to clean the dirty men all over the disco toilet. First, the brush with Joschi abestandener Männerpisse flooded bathroom floor with toilet paper shreds. Then they order him to lick the piss floor with his tongue. Press his head with her high heels firmly into the Pissioar. The unbearable stench of rancid Männerpisse deposited dirt and leaves him almost vomit. Humiliation to all come to even a few male visitors to the disco events, the more verbally humiliate him and taunt. One even peed Joschi while licking the latrine, still in the Pissioar.

Toilette Humiliation  92

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Xmas Gift Tin

I couldn’t decide what to get you for Christmas, so I decided to get you something every naughty boy and girl wants … a festive tin filled with my shit! I start this clip with a nice fart right into the camera and then fill up the tin with my slave holding it under my ass. Hope you enjoy!

Xmas Gift Tin

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Piss Drink 21

Arabian pissing humiliation! Bizarrlady Jessica has celebrated and drunk the whole night with its Lovern. Many empty bottles are the result these are lying around and therefore drink nothing for their slave Mohamed. The super sadist orders him therefore to pee into the Hundeschüssel and to drink his own piss from the Hundeschüssel. Still Mohamed pees on its order into the bowl and the bizarre Dirty-Queen seasons the full pi bowl for him with hot curry. Under permanent verbal humiliations, insults and orders Mohamed then must actually drink his own piss from the bowl seasoned with curry. Her gold yellow nectar into the bowl to this and when he has drunk everything up slowly bizarre Lady Jessica goes and stands with the legs apart over him and pisses over his head down still. Her piss also then must lick Mohamed from the bowl. And the slave Mohamed joins in everything unconditionally and becomes it still described as an Arabian pig by the fair-haired ruler and insulted too most deeply verbally.

Piss Drink  21

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Piss Drink 32

When Bizarr Lady Jessica goes by the house, she notices, the domestic pig Joschi creeps behind her around. He begs to drink the divine empress around something because he was already for days had by her at the dry one. The tall fair-haired ruler shows herself merciful and sends him a little refreshment her piss. She moves by the room and lets a couple of drops of her golden nectar again and again drop from her twat to the ground. This always must after her and Joschi, of the ground lap up.

Piss Drink  32

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Piss Drink 29

Bizarr Lady Jessica’s education of her two dogs: Jonas and Joschi. The bizarre madam exercises the two to execute her orders. You must bark, males make, themselves roll etc. The golden nectar of the dog Mistress itself delicious and for the end also gives for it to this drink namely. The Fetish-Queen takes off its leather fur coat and pees with great pleasure into the feeding bowl on the ground. The two dogs Jonas and Joschi watch its activities in it with tongues here having been put up. And on this they do good at once to drink everything the order already from the feeding bowl of their mistress out, too. Both of them alternately drink the piss from the bowl until alone the last drop is gone.

Piss Drink  29

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Piss Drink 13

Piss of the glass!Joschi lets her slave a fart in bizarre Lady Jessica into the face first. It then exhausts it empty glass and the whole glass pisses brimfully with its piss in front of its eyes. And it immediately enters Joschi to this, too drink up it must for a train the glass with hers pisses drinks up, gives it an order it. Joschi drinks actually the glass with the piss in one like down an elixir of life and says then “Thank you, Goddess!” . Lady asks Jessica for it whether it still is thirsty and says he it shall open its mouth. The glass pees fully the Pissing-Queen with the second. It drinks up Joschi like a refreshing tincture again.

Piss Drink  13

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